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All your devices. All your stuff. All protected. Keep your computer, laptop, netbook, smartphone, and tablet safe from malicious websites and hackers, viruses, scammers, cyber bullies, and identity thieves.
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50% Off McAfee Total Protection

Save 50% on McAfee Total Protection 2014 - the ultimate protection against virus, online and network threats.Use on up to 3 computers. Best Seller of McAfee.
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50% Off McAfee Internet Security

Save 50% on McAfee Internet Security 2014 -- Comprehensive protection against virus and online threats.
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Save 50% on McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2014 - the most effective protection against virus threats.
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McAfee Internet Security for Mac

Save 30% Off McAfee Internet Security for Mac. Comprehensive Mac security to freely explore the web.
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Save $30 on McAfee Internet Security 2012 –Comprehensive protection against virus and online threats. Use This Coupon

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With thousands of new viruses created every day, relying on traditional security updates isn’t enough anymore. Unlike the competition, exclusive McAfee Active Protection™ technology instantly analyzes and blocks new and emerging threats in milliseconds so there’s virtually no gap in your protection.

Work or play with minimal interruptions with fast and effective virus, malware, and spyware scanning. Schedule security scans when you’re not using your PC. Automatic scans and updates occur when your PC is idle. All of which means, McAfee® AntiVirus Plus won’t slow you down

The Home Screen gives you all the information you need at a glance. And you’re never more than one click away from it, which eliminates popup windows and makes for easy navigation. Simplified alerts and scan results make it easier than ever to protect your PC.

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McAfee All Access 2012 Review & Promotional Code

McAfee is one of the oldest brands in the consumer and business computer security industry. Windows 95 users frequently used McAfee as a reliable antivirus product and the company grew from there. However, many developers including Microsoft made their own antivirus products that people can download for free including updates. Some companies used these free solutions to advertise their premium products. Nowadays, McAfee isn’t as popular as it used to be but they continue to contribute in the computer security area by releasing products like McAfee All Access 2012.

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McAfee has an interesting approach with McAfee All Access 2012 in delivering the complete security package. This $100 package protects a single user owning a PC, Mac, smartphone, and tablet device. All the devices need to be connected to the Internet to work but the whole idea of this package is to protect all Internet-connected devices from online malware and harmful content from infected or rogue websites.

The antivirus, antispyware, anti-spam, and anti-phishing tools work pretty well and it is nice that Mac users are part of the deal too so a separate Mac product doesn’t need to be purchased. It also has a decent two-way firewall that is designed to keep any unauthorized users from hijacking the wireless network. It also comes with a number of family protection tools like site blockers to encourage safe browsing for kids. Again this feature works on computers, tablets, and smartphones making this a valuable deal.

McAfee All Access 2012 is a great all-around security system for users with multiple devices. Because of the high annual price tag, it is recommended that you own at least 3 different products to experience the full security benefits of the package. For instance, if you own a laptop, a smartphone, and a tablet, this system is much cheaper than getting separate software for each. Plus you get the good integration as well.

McAfee Total Protection 2012 Review

McAfee hasn’t been in the Internet security spotlight for quite some time. However, the recent buzz of Intel acquiring the computer security firm proved that McAfee is still in the game and they are still developing security solutions for 2012. It will serve as the successor of McAfee Total Protection 2011 and aims to improve on some of the things that made McAfee Total Protection 2011 a weak contender in the Internet security space.

Save $30 on McAfee Total Protection – the ultimate protection against virus, online and network threats

McAfee Total Protection 2012 is the flagship security product for home users and is designed to compete with the other Internet security packs released by their competitors. Like other Internet security packages, McAfee Total Protection 2012 wants to deliver the antimalware, anti-spam, and firewall combo to 3 computers.

The interface of the program hasn’t changed all that much so it is good for upgraders although first-time users may find the look to be a bit clunky. One of the biggest improvements is the scanning speed as it was able to perform a deep scan on a 750 GB hard drive in less than 30 minutes. Future deep scans took less than 10 minutes to complete. Scans take up a lot of system resources so it is best to close all other running and background programs to get optimal speeds.

This security suite comes with an online security feature called Deep Page Protection which can not only block harmful sites but redirect users to the safe pages found on so they are properly informed and guided. It also keeps track of outgoing data and will interrupt if any data is being sent to any potentially hazardous IP addresses. The Hacked Page Protection feature also works to block harmful content from subframes and sidebars.

The interface could use some improvements but McAfee Total Protection 2012 offers quite a lot in an $80 security suite since it adds other nice utilities such as QuickClean which is a privacy cleaner and good parental controls.

McAfee Internet Security 2012 Promotional Code

Buy Now!There are many different reasons that you might be interested in purchasing the McAfee Internet Security 2012 edition. For one thing every single product designed by McAfee is top of the line, affordable, and reliable so you know what you are getting into when you purchase this product. Another thing to remember is that this is one of the most up to date products offered by the company which means that you know you are getting the latest and greatest in security protection.

Save $30 on McAfee Internet Security –Comprehensive protection against virus and online threats.

Whether you do business on the Internet, you love to shop online, or you are simply concerned about others tracking what you do while you use your digital devices, then you know how important it is to have a good security suite on your side so why not invest in the best of the best? Whether you have an older version of McAfee software or you have never tried one of their products before, now is a perfect time to invest in new software thanks to the different McAfee coupon code options you can find on the internet.

These coupon codes are the best because they provide an opportunity to get the security quite that you want the most while saving lots of money at the same time. You can literally get a McAfee program for pennies on the dollar compared to what others have paid for the same product you might be interested in. The trick is to simply see what is out there and to choose a McAfee coupon code that saves you the most money in the long run.

McAfee Internet Security for Mac Review & Promo Code

Buy Now! Mac users used to be in the green when it comes to computer security and it is easy to tell that they still are when you compare them to Windows users. Although Windows 7 is a more robust operating system with plenty of security updates every month, the number of malware continues to rise and they specifically target Windows users. This is no surprise since Windows continues to be the dominating platform. However, security researchers claim Mac OS X to have more vulnerabilities than Windows systems and a few hackers have exploited them through the Internet. It is the Internet that is the greatest threat because of the various online risks like phishing. This is why it is important to beef up your system’s security with exclusive Internet security software for the Mac. McAfee Internet Security for Mac wants to bring the McAfee essence to every Mac computer.

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McAfee provides a very simple interface with all of the items found on a side bar. The home screen shows a simple summary regarding the overall security status of your Mac. It will tell you if the real-time scan, spyware scan, desktop firewall, and application protection settings are turned on. Since McAfee Internet Security for Mac provides a year of subscription, it will also tell you when you need to renew.

With these four settings turned on, you pretty much get the same protection as you would expect on a Windows system. It helps you by giving warnings if suspicious applications are launched and it can move potentially dangerous files to the quarantine if the real-time scan features are enabled. It can also detect Windows viruses making it good for any Mac systems that are a part of a Windows network.

Scanning tests were pretty average across the board but this McAfee product is superior when it comes to support and ease of use. Anybody who has used a McAfee product in Windows before won’t be disappointed with what McAfee Internet Security for Mac has to offer.

McAfee Black Friday & Cyber Monday Offers – 50% OFF

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Save 50% on McAfee Total Protection

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Save 50% on McAfee Internet Security

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Save $15 on McAfee Antivirus Plus

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McAfee Family Protection Review & Discount Coupon

Buy Now!Many households have multiple computers these days because laptops and desktops are highly affordable and netbooks are great for students. These devices have built-in wireless features so any family with a wireless router can access the Internet instantly. Kids are more likely to access the Internet these days which is why it is important for parents to make sure that kids are exposed to appropriate online content. Windows only offers basic parental controls and McAfee wants to extend those options with their McAfee Family Protection software.

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One of the main focuses of McAfee Family Protection is to prevent kids from seeing any form of adult content so parents that have that problem should consider McAfee Family Protection as a solid solution. It works by maintaining a database of websites and puts them in one of the 35 categories. Filters are applied accordingly depending on the category. There is also an option to have the program send an email or SMS alert if a child tries to access a blocked site.

But other censoring solutions may fail in community sites like YouTube where there is a lot of fun and educational content along with videos that are not suitable for younger audiences. McAfee Family Protection utilizes a special keyword filtering technology that blocks the harmful YouTube videos. To make things simple, you won’t have to block the entire YouTube site thanks to this feature. If you have an iTunes account, you can also prevent kids from using your account to listen to any tracks with explicit language.

Blocking instant messenger applications is also effective in preventing kids from communicating with strangers. However, this also prevents them from contacting their friends and relatives. McAfee Family Protection lets parents monitor conversations in these applications so appropriate actions can be taken only when necessary. If a child decides to access his or her social networking account, any confidential information being posted is recorded as well for safety purposes. It can also prevent kids from sharing family information to further defend the computer against security threats.

McAfee Family Protection has the traits of a typical security solution but the added YouTube and iTunes support make this program a bit more valuable. Plus it costs $50 which covers 3 computers which is always nice for families.

McAfee Identity Protection Review & Coupon Code

McAfee is a very familiar name in the Internet security industry and while there are many big players out there right now, McAfee still tries to find ways to innovate and strengthen the security of computer users. While their antimalware solutions don’t dethrone some of their biggest competitors, McAfee also offers some interesting security solutions that many Internet security suites lack. In a world where the biggest corporations get hacked, antimalware, anti-spam, and firewall protection may not be enough. Identity protection is equally important and McAfee Identity Protection hopes to address this.

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McAfee Identity Protection is built with credit card holders in mind as it monitors credit files across Experian, Transunion, and Equifax bureaus. Whenever any credit applications, account creations, delinquencies, or balance changers occur, the software will pop up an alert through email or SMS. It also allows free copies of the credit reports to be obtained from Experian on demand to make sure all accounts have a good standing.

The program can also scan various public databases including property records, and USPS databases to make sure that other people do not inappropriately use your personal information. It scan also scan your personal details and compare them with an online database of common back alleys and other areas that identity thieves frequently use. McAfee Identity Protection does a great job offering choices on how to handle the situation.

Another nifty feature is the Lost Wallet Protection which eases up the hassle of losing your wallet. Instead of manually notifying all of your credit card providers for cancellation, McAfee Identity Protection offers a direct line which you can call so their support crew can do the rest. They can even order replacement cards for you.

With unlimited phone support, McAfee has a pretty good product on their hands and users interested to get the protection only need to pay $10 a month or $110 a year. It is best combined with McAfee All Access 2012 so you can get the antimalware support as well.

Huge Savings On McAfee Top Products

McAfee, the leader in internet security, is offering amazing savings on two top products; McAfee Total Protection and McAfee Internet Security. Both will be available at 50% off! That’s a savings of $45 on McAfee Total Protection and $40 on McAfee Internet Security. As a Mcafee Promotional Code Dot Com Visitor, it’s easy to take advantage of this deal to save more from your McAfee purchase. Simply select the McAfee promotions that most suits your needs and get the discount.

50% off McAfee Total Protection – MSRP $89.99
Sale price $44.99
Ultimate. The most effective protection against virus, online and network threats.

Instantly analyzes and blocks new and emerging threats in milliseconds
Top home network defense protection
Advanced anti-spam and email protection

50% off McAfee Internet Security – MSRP $79.99
Sale price $39.99
Comprehensive. The most effective protection against virus and online threats.

Fast and effective virus, malware, and spyware scanning
Easy to use with simplified alerts and scan results
Ensures safe web surfing

Now is the perfect time to purchase McAfee and these Mcafee Promotional Code ends on 31st August 2011.

McAfee Antivirus Promotional Code

Buy Now!If you know anything about McAfee, you know that the company is well known for being the top digital security company in the World. This is because the company is so good at determining what threats consumers need to be worried about, and taking measures to protect their customers from such threats. Unfortunately the World Wide Web is a big bad place when it comes to identity and personal information theft. In short, absolutely nobody is safe whether simply surfing the net, shopping online, or working on an online business.

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None of the security threats that you have heard of should ever be thought about when you use a McAfee Antivirus program. This is the only way to make sure that you are fully protected and that you can go ahead and do your online activities without the worry of being taken advantage of in one way or another.

The good news is that even while the price tags that come along with the McAfee programs are fair, especially for their quality, you can find even better deals by grabbing an online McAfee coupon code. A McAfee coupon code can help you to save a percentage off of your investment in digital security protection, making it easier than ever to get the program you want without breaking the bank.

You can usually find an assortment of McAfee coupon code options on our site, the only thing that you have to do is to figure out which one you really want to use and which one will save you the most money in the long run. Simply plug the McAfee coupon code in when you check out to get your discounts.